Privacy Policy

Craigelachie complies with GDPR through the following policies and procedures:

  • Confidentiality is central to the concept of Coaching and Consultancy therefore all discussions and data are kept in strict confidence.
  • Data held for a Coachee comprises: Name, Email address, Telephone number. This is data is gathered for ease of contact at the outset of the coaching relationship with the Coachee’s full awareness.  Further personal details might be revealed during a Coaching session (eg age, martial status, children); such data is not recorded in electronic form.  Further personal documents may be shared by the Coachee with Craigelachie (eg MBTI profile) and will be treated as strictly confidential.
  • Data held for a Consultancy Client will vary by the nature of the assignment and will be gathered at the outset or during the assignment with the client’s fully awareness.
  • No electronic data held held by Craigelachie is sold to a third party.
  • On occasion an electronic record of a coaching discussion will be shared with an external party – eg The Coach’s coaching supervisor or a coaching accreditation body such as ILM. – for the purpose of the Coach’s learning or accreditation. On such occasions, the Coachee is not readily identifiable as only initials are used.  This is disclosed verbally to the Coachee at the outset of the coaching relationship and verbal consent from the Coachee is obtained.
  • If an email contains sensitive information relating to a Coachee, or Client Craigelachie will recommend that encryption is used; the Coachee or Client may choose not to use encryption at their own risk.
  • Data relating to a Coachee or Client will be retained throughout the duration of the Coaching relationship or Consultancy assignment and for 3 years after its cessation; thereafter it will be destroyed.
  • A Coachee or Client may request sight of their data and this will be provided within 24 hours.
  • Any data breach which has an adverse effect on an individual’s or company’s privacy will be reported to the individual within 72 hours.
  • The website of Craigelachie is regularly checked for accuracy but the company cannot be held responsible for any errors; any user of the website should contact the company directly to ensure all relevant information is up-to-date.



“Craigelachie” refers to the company Craigelachie Consulting Ltd, company number 595684.

“Coachee” refers to an individual receiving coaching (and/ or mentoring) from a Coach (and/or Mentor) at Craigelachie.

“Client” refers to a company receiving Consulting advice from Craigelachie.

GDPR  refers to The General Data Protection Regulation which became effective 25 May 2018 – a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals with the EU and EEA.

ILM refers to the Institute of Leadership and Management.


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