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The team at Craigelachie are passionate about using their extensive business experience and academic studies to unlock potential in individuals and businesses.  With curiosity, challenge and support we will help you find your own solutions to tackle your challenges and achieve your goals

“Coaching is the most potent tool for inducing positive personal change, ensuring better-than-average odds of success and making the change stick for the long-term”

The Ivy Business Journal.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” 

Charles Darwin

Don't take our word for it

I met Irene perhaps expecting her to give me the answers but she showed me what I needed was some-one to help me navigate my own way. She is brilliant at getting you to identify and pull back the layers of a problem, whilst listening to the 'tells' that reveal inner voices that are creating barriers. Through the provision of a non-judgemental space Irene's support and careful challenge enabled me to find paths that I was comfortable with and shape behaviours that aligned with my authentic self.

Coachee: BS, Risk Management Head.

Irene is a great listener, extremely experienced and really easy to talk to. I was able to discuss a wide range of topics with Irene from difficult work situations to how to tackle my next promotion and found her input and support invaluable. Sessions with Irene enabled me to view certain tricky situations with a different perspective and she asked challenging questions which really helped my development. I would thoroughly recommend Irene as a coach or mentor.

Mentee: AR, Project & Export Finance Leader 

"Irene has been an invaluable coach then mentor to me over a number of years.  She has helped me navigate difficult political situations at work and has been extremely insightful in professional advice and guidance, which I have used to the benefit of my career.  Irene has helped me work through a whole host of professional and personal issues.  By getting to know me as a person and how I think, Irene has asked me the right questions, which has helped me to determine the answers for myself. It has been a pleasure to work with Irene and I feel privileged to have had her as a mentor."

BH, Loan Origination and Syndication Director

"I jumped at the chance to form a mentoring partnership with Irene.  Having known each other for some time beforehand, I knew that Irene would provide solid counsel and, perhaps more importantly, challenge to my thoughts.  This quickly proved to be the case when I found myself to be in an 'at risk' position.  In my case, having spend 10 years at the firm, you find yourself applying for roles that you know you can do but don't stretch you or necessarily grow your skillset in the right direction.  Irene's probing questions and constructive challenge provided a much-needed wake-up call for me to change the way I thought about the next role.   Throughout the time I worked with Irene, I would always feel more positive and filled with renewed self-belief after our sessions.  This was particularly important during more challenging times and kept my motivation up."

SL, Senior Risk Manager.    

"My mentoring sessions with Irene over the last year have been hugely helpful. Irene quickly understands any situation that I describe, and asks interesting and thought provoking questions, which help me to arrive at my own conclusions. It's been easy to use my learnings in my work, as I come out of each mentoring session with clear actions. Irene creates an open and honest atmosphere, and I feel comfortable discussing confidential topics with her. The challenges that we have worked through range from developing my leadership skills to navigating political situations to tackling my next promotion, and I have found Irene's support extremely beneficial in all of these areas. I would highly recommend Irene as a mentor."

CM, Project Management Lead

 “I have complete confidence in Irene, she coaches you without you actually realising you’re being coached, helping you figure out the answers best suited to you.  She has made me think about situations in a different light and suggested tools to become more effective at what I want to achieve.”  

SR, National Head of Business Banking

Irene has been an amazing coach having had the pleasure to work with her over the last year. Irene allowed me to think differently and reflect on new ways to look at things. Every session I came away feeling motivated and focused. Irene makes it easy to open up too and I had full trust in the relationship.”

 LH, Public Sector Leader.

“The sessions have surpassed expectations in terms of the openness and levels of support I’ve received.  Through thoughtful questioning I’ve been able to dig deep into my own thoughts and articulate in depth.”  

NE, Director, Banking. 

“When I leave a session I have a clear plan about what I have to do to tackle my emotions/ frustrations in a positive way.  I’m getting more out of it than I expected and I hadn’t even realised it - when we reflected last session, I was actually amazed at what I had achieved in a short period of time.”  

DR, Call Centre and Customer Service Senior Leader.


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