Through her career in Corporate Banking Irene has worked with companies of all sizes, in a wide range of sectors and a variety of countries.  This broad skill set, built through practical experience, can help you identify and execute change to drive your business forward. Examples of where our experience could help your business:


Strategic Thinking

Track record of growing businesses organically in developed and emerging markets.  Strong focus on customer proposition and engagement.

Cross-border business

Helped businesses of all sizes to trade internationally – import, export, invest overseas and manage foreign exchange risk.

Risk management

Operated in highly regulated industry with tight governance framework and comprehensive risk management processes.


Responsible for Annual Operating Plans for businesses ranging from $2m to $350m revenues.  Advised corporates on appropriate funding and balance sheet management.


Experienced in culture change and staff engagement.  Skilled in using Coaching & Mentoring to unlock people’s potential to maximise their performance.

We offer free initial consultation with absolutely no obligation on your part

Sometimes, it helps simply to meet to explore a business issue with us – we bring fresh eyes and an objective approach.


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Offering professional coaching, mentoring and consultancy throughout the UK and overseas.