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We often learn by reading and understanding the thoughts of others. In this section we have put together a few articles and insights that we feel may be interesting.

I really like this piece about leadership.  When I coach it is all about unlocking the individual's potential.

This piece resonates with me. Many of my times of greatest satisfaction or sense of achievement have been when I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone, either mentally (e.g. in a challenging work situation) or physically (e.g. sky-diving for charity when I suffer fear of heights).  Succeeding despite discomfort helps you grow, and I'm keen to keep growing!

McKinsey report reinforces that gender, ethnic and cultural diversity is correlated with both profitability and value creation.  Those companies succeeding in making sizable improvements to diversity and inclusion in their organisations are reaping tangible benefits for their efforts.  To do so, D&I strategies are needed at company-level, reflecting the business ethos and priorities, with clear commitment from the top.  This is not about being 'politically correct'; this is about good business sense!

This is an eminently sensible paper. Leaders of organisations wanting to create the right culture for employees to flourish should heed and take appropriate action.

I'd buy into Google's approach, outlined in this article, outlined in this article.  In particular, evaluating leaders on how that leadership is experienced by their team.  Too often still, leaders tell or indeed do, rather than creating engagement and bringing the best out of the individuals in their teams by giving them responsibility for their own decisions and actions.

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